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To provide reference for fertilizer application of sugarcane planting in Xinping County, this paper analyzed nutrient content of topsoil according to the nutrient indicators established in the Second Soil Census. The results show that 51.76% soil in sugarcane planting area of Xinping County is faintly acid, 50.88% soil has relatively low organic matter, 45.88% soil lacks alkali-hydrolyzable nitrogen (N), 26.47% soil lacks phosphorus (P), 50.29% soil lacks potassium (K), 37.14% soil lacks sulfur (S), 12.86% soil lacks magnesium (Mg), 10% soil lacks manganese (Mn), and 31.43% soil lacks zinc (Zn). In the sugarcane production, it is required to pay attention to increase of application of organic fertilizer, to foster soil fertility, supplement boron fertilizer, to keep balance of soil nutrients.


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