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From the perspective of the influence on credit for farmers, this paper takes the temporarily poor farmers in Rongchang County of Chongqing Municipality as the respondents, and employs the expert survey method and on-site analysis to analyze the reasons and put forward three hypotheses. Using the AHP model, we carry out the empirical analysis of three major hypotheses concerning the credit for farmers. The study demonstrates that the state's unclear definition of property rights of farmers and farmers' lack of collateral are the primary factor influencing the credit for farmers, followed by insufficient targeted financial and technical support for the farmers who are engaged in the agricultural sector affected by the nature; farmers do not really get the assistance for them to use the natural resources to develop the rural economy, so that the banks complicate the loan procedures and increase the requirements of loans for farmers in order to ensure the capital liquidity and safety, thus further deepening the plight of credit for farmers.


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