Land use is the main factor affecting the carbon emission. Taking Yuheng Mining Area as the research object, this paper chose two periods of remote sensing data of 1999 and 2006, and adopted the remote sensing image interpretation and supervised classification to study the changes in land use types and carbon sink in different periods in the mining area. The results showed that the area of arable land was reduced from 166.96 km2 to 81.10 km2, the area of woodland was increased from 46.79 km2 to 134.53 km2, and arable land decreased by 51%, but carbon sink in the mining area still showed a rising trend; the carbon sink value increased by 16.4 million yuan in 2006 compared to 1999, an increase of 40%, indicating that the reasonable land use pattern can improve the ecological environment, and promote the sustainable development of environment and economy in the mining area.


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