From the mid 1980‟s to 2004, golden apple (Spondias cytherea Sonn.) was one of the most important non-traditional fruit crops exported from Grenada. In 1995, some 617, 637 kg of the fruit was exported earning EC$1, 439,789.11. Golden apple accounted for 36% of all non-traditional fruit exports. Because the trees are very tall (up to 14 m), harvesting is difficult and, therefore, an estimated 30% of the fruits are damaged during the harvesting process. A methodology was, therefore, developed to get low growing trees which can be easily harvested from the ground level. If golden apple growers adopt this method one can expect an increase in the quantity of fruits exported and marketed locally. Farmers will have greater control over harvesting and marketing of their fruits allowing them to access more profitable marketing arrangements. On the other hand, praedial larceny of golden apple fruits may become a factor impacting farmers.


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