The grape production chain has unique importance regarding to generate income and employment for many regional economies. However, in recent years, international trades in this sector, as well as the entire fruit sector, have been facing the imposition of various non-tariff measures, including sanitary, phytosanitary and technical. Thus, this paper analyzes the effects of sanitary, phytosanitary and technical rules imposed by importing countries of the Brazilian grape, from 1995 to 2009. To this end, we made an analysis of inventory and an econometric approach, in which we used the gravity model, in order to verify the impact of such measures on the Brazilian shipments of grape. The results found in the inventory analysis showed a positive relationship between changes in the number of notifications and import trends. As for the econometric model, the possibility of such measures have negatively affected the trading was disregarded and, in the case of sanitary and phytosanitary measures, a positive relationship with grape exports was found, i.e., they helped trades and effects of technical measures on exports were zero.


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