In 2011, 570 million reais were estimated to be used in the Crop Insurance Premium Subsidy (PSR), but only 253.4 million reais was allocated to the Program. In spite of this fact, it was possible to insure 5.6 million hectares with a liability of 7.3 billion reais. In this context, what should be the amount of resources to the PSR in order to cover the total amount of rural credit by the insurance market? The study presents a methodology to calculate, on average, what should be the budget of the PSR to insure the rural credit. The results suggest that the amount of resources should have been four times greater than the committed value. Moreover, the results were divided by state and crop. The PSR plays an important role to the development of the crop insurance in Brazil. However, two problems remain unsolved: the budget is far beyond the desirable and it has been restricted over the last three years. Therefore, there is an evident need for greater commitment from the Brazilian government to expand the resources of the PSR and direct it unique and fully to the PSR.


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