In order to realize the whole process of consumer-producer bidirectional traceability and distinguish the true from the false, according to Yinghong 9, planting, processing and circulation situation, we introduce UHF RFID and Network information technology, to design and develop the UHF RFID black tea traceability system. The system adopts .NET technology, uses Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 + VB.NET, Microsoft SQL SERVER 2005, T-SQL language for development and design, and uses the network architecture of C/S combined with B/S, to randomly generate ID with 20 bit code and label, thereby forming the only corresponding relation and pointing to the corresponding batch and product types. The technology mode using three-layer structure for development realizes the functions of data collection, tracing, sharing and query. The data and business processing are concentrated on the server, simplifying the development, use and maintenance of system. We build and implement Yinghong 9 black tea traceability system, to the needs of government, the public and the producers for Yinghong 9 brand protection, product quality tracking and market regulation.


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