The green marketing strategies attempt to assign greater value to products highlighting their aspects related to preservation of the environment and sustainability. The present study sought to verify whether the application of the green marketing strategies in the marketing of organic products aggregates, in consumer perception, greater value to food products. The study was conducted in three stages with distinct methodological nature and character, in which it sought to identify the provision of consumers to pay more for organic products, understand the reasons why there is or is not available and discuss the strategies used in the marketing of these products. The results demonstrated that the green marketing strategies applied on the marketing of organic products really created greater value in the design of a good part of the consumers, and that a considerable portion of them, demonstrates willingness to pay an additional amount to consume such products. However, many of these consumers don’t have a real concept of what is an organic product, what are the benefits, and in these cases, more effective strategies for communicating value are required.


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