The impact of climate change on human survival and security, urban development is even more profound, and receives more and more attention. To explore the perceived status of urban residents for the risks of climate change and put forward corresponding countermeasures and suggestions, taking Wuhan for example, from the microscopic point of urban residents, we use factor analysis to classify the perceived risks and recognized risk reduction measures, use cluster analysis to divide the urban residents into five groups, and use variance analysis to explore differences in the choice of measures between different cluster groups. We draw the following conclusions: the risk of deterioration of the ecological environment, the risk of economic damage, the risk of damage to the mental health, the risk of damage to the physical health and the risk of damage to the political harmony are the main risks of climate change for urban residents; individuals and families to develop good habits, businesses and governments to strengthen energy conservation, schools and other agencies to carry on the propaganda and education, carrying out multi-agent environment improvement, learn from the West are their recognized risk reduction measures. Depending on the perceived risk, the urban residents are clustered into five groups: those who are concerned about the body and politics, those who are concerned about the mental health, those who are concerned about the economic development, those who are concerned about the ecological safety, and those who ignore the climatic change. For the roles of individual and the family, business and government in the environmental protection, different groups have unanimous views, while for other measures, different groups have different understanding. It is concluded that individuals and families to develop environmentally friendly habits, government to strengthen regulation, businesses to take environmental responsibility, schools to strengthen publicity and education, and exploring the multi-agent participation, are the key to solving the problem.


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