Evaluation of the potential of Polish agriculture and the impact of the new CAP programmes in 2014-2020 on increasing its competitiveness in the European Union and in the world. Distributional and income effects of direct payments under the new CAP – the case of Germany. Effects of the new agricultural policy on the specialised agricultural region of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania (Germany). The new CAP and competitiveness of agricultural enterprises and the food industry. Structural change in livestock sector as challenge for new CAP: Lithuanian case. The impact of the current and new agricultural policy on the development of the major crops in Bulgaria. Competitiveness of the Romanian agri-food trade and the new agricultural policies. Financial aspects of sustainability of agriculture. Changes in the socio-demographic structure of villagers and employment in individual agriculture. Agriculture and climate change. Political rent and agricultural producers’ investments. The role of government in building the competitiveness of rural areas in Serbia. Some issues of resource management in terms of food shortage and energy gap. Exploring linkages between the Common Agricultural Policy and food security in the Mediterranean region.


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