The objective of this study is to analyze the main determinants of alcoholic beverages consumption at home. Data comes from the latest Spanish Household National Survey, which provides information on expenditure and quantities of different food products by household. Because households are interviewed only 1 week, a large number of zeros have been recorded. Among the existing censured demand models (the double hurdle (DH) model; the purchase-infrequency model; and the Tobit purchase-infrequency model, among others) and after carrying out model selection tests, the DH model has been finally estimated. All expenditure elasticities are positive, corresponding the highest value to spirits. Own ptice elasticities are negative and also in this case the spitits exhibit the highest value. Socio-economic vatiables also play an important role in explaining consumer purchase and consumption decisions.© 2001 Elsevier Science B.V. All rights reserved.


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