In !986, the American Soybean Association filed a Section 30 I petition under the Trade Act of 197 4, alleging that European Community oilseed subsidies nullified and impaired benefits of previous trade concessions, specifically the tariff binding of 1962. Two bilateral trade agreements were negotiated to remedy the dispute, the Blair House Agreement and the Memorandum of Understanding on Oilseeds. The impacts of these trade agreements were simulated using a three-region trade model. Results indicated that neither supply constraints nor penalties for overproduction will contribute to a recovery of USA soybean exports to the EC. En 1986, Ia Societe Americaine de Soya avail envoye une petition de Ia Section 301 d' Accord de Commerce de 1974, alleguant que les subventions pour les graines d'huile de Ia Communaute Europeenne avail empeche de faire des benefices sur les anciennes concessions commerciales, surtout le tarif limitant de 1962. Deux accords bilateraux avaient ete negocies pour arranger Ia dispute, !'Agreement du Blair House et le Memorandum sur Ia Comprehension des graines d'huile. Les effets de ces accords ont ete simules en utilisant un modele commercial de trois regions. Les resultats indiquent que ni les contraintes d' offre, ni les penalites de surplus de production aideront a Ia recuperation des exportations americaines vers Ia Communaute Europeenne.


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