The paper aims to consider sustainable development in Villa Sola de Vega and agencies. From the theoretical review highlights three perspectives, the Brundtland which is located in the current neo-liberal, ecological economics and agroecology. The neoliberal places greater emphasis on the economic area, where natural resources are considered as natural capital which have a direct influence on the lives of the population. In ecological economics the main objective is the balance of the environment. And in agroecology, environmental balance also highlights the social participation in the conservation of local species. Quantitative data were obtained by the implementation of household surveys considering the economic area all family income. In the social area, years of study, housing conditions, the situation of migration. In the environmental area fuelwood consumption, location of the maguey, pollution. We present the results sorted according to three theoretical perspectives reviewed: the neo-liberal, ecological economics and agroecology. The results showed that there is little dynamic local economy. Socially, the houses are of traditional materials in greater proportion, and with fewer long-term solid materials, and the presence of sewer services. With regard to natural resources are considered low-cost fuel to supplement the family budget and with little impact to create permanent jobs that generate financial resources, improve the living conditions of households and prevent migration.


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