It is among the main tasks of the sustainable agriculture to find and advance the methods and technologies under the economic and social circumstances, which are able to harmonize the economic and environmental aspects of agricultural production. In the industrial agriculture it is general to use artificial chemicals both in production and processing, which causes accumulation in the human organization and serious diseases. At the same time the role of the agriculture changed in the last decades in the developed countries. Beside the production function it is more and more significant to fulfil the requirements of multifunc-tionality, it goes hand in hand with chemical reduction. One alternative of the above mentioned can be the ecological farming, since in the last years the demand on healthy food increased, and the consumers are willing to pay 30-70% more. The European Union supports the use of environment friendly strategies. The accession to the European Union is a great challenge and historical chance for Romania. On a 450 million people market it has to face high quality requirements and intensive competition, but at the same time it can take the advantage of the EU and become one of the most successful agricultures in Europe. The unique natural-social facilities of Romania and the good transport possibilities owing to the nearness of the sea are giving the bases. Most of rural people are in connection with agriculture and the development of agriculture can result the improvement of their quality of life. The development of the Romanian countryside and the life of the rural people are important for the European Union, because otherwise the integration can slow down and the social problems would escalate. In the development conception the characteristics of natural, social and market environment should be taken into consideration. The socio-economic changes in 1990 had great affection on the agriculture. The farm structure became fragmented, significant labour force came in the agriculture from other sectors, and many rural people complete their low income with household production. The decrease of industrial agriculture reduced the use of chemicals, which is tenth of the EU average. The study analyses how the organic farming can be a solution under given circumstances. We give a short review of the current situation and of the trends of the Romanian agriculture, and ecological agriculture of the world, Europe and Romania.After the analysis of the agriculture of Mezdmadaras, a small settlement in the Maros region, we look for the development alternatives. The situation of Mezdmadaras is usual in Romania, so numerous conclusions for the whole country can be taken.


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