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Establishing agro-ecological compensation mechanism is the objective requirement for protecting agricultural ecological environment on the prerequisite of stabilizing and benefiting farmers, to realize protection in the process of development and promote development through protection. This study analyzed existing problems in the practice of establishing agro-ecological compensation mechanism in Jiangsu Province, including failure to form systematic compensation system due to limited technological reserve, failure to bring into play expected compensation effect due to scant attention, and failure to set up perfect input mechanism due to insufficient financing channel. In line with these problems, it came up with feasible policy recommendations, including strictly implementing top frame design for agro-ecological compensation and giving impetus to standardized and institutionalized work, building pilot demonstration area for agro-ecological compensation, setting up diversified agro-ecological compensation approaches, establishing long-term security mechanism for agro-ecological compensation, and strengthening propaganda and education of agro-ecological compensation. It is expected to provide reference for establishing agro-ecological compensation mechanism in Jiangsu Province, and also provide system guarantee for promoting ecological progress and agricultural modernization in Jiangsu Province.


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