With the advance of urbanization process and rapid growth of urban population, the construction land scale in Dianchi Lake basin increases at a sharp speed. Due to lack of reasonable scale control and space optimization, many areas have the problem of blind growth in construction land. On the one hand, it results in deterioration of regional ecological environment. On the other, it poses hidden danger for sustainable land use in the basin. Therefore, to coordinate regional land use and ecological environment construction, this study took natural ecological conditions and resource and environment conditions as constraints of regional ecological balance, put forward GIS based methods for dividing ecological constraint types of Dianchi Lake basin, and discussed division of evaluation units, selection and processing of indicators. Through evaluating ecological constraints of Dianchi Lake basin, this study divided Dianchi Lake basin into extremely high, higher, high, medium and low ecological constraint zones. Finally, it came up with guiding and regulating measures for land use of each type of ecological constraint, in the hope of providing scientific basis for optimum allocation of land resources in Dianchi Lake basin.


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