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000166758 245__ $$aEl reto de la multifuncionalidad agraria: oferta de bienes privados y publicos en el sur de Palencia
000166758 246__ $$aThe challenge for a multifunctional agriculture: private and public good supply in Southern Palencia (Spain)
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000166758 520__ $$aLa agricultura considerada cada vez mas como una actividad productora de multiples bienes y servicios, lo que supose un reto para las explotaciones agrarias, hasta la fecha guiadas principalmente por el objetivo de producir alimentos y materias primas de forma eficiente desde la perspectiva tecnia.  El presente trabajo pretende investigar el potencial de la actividad agraria para adaptarse a estas nuevas demandas sociales y proporcionar bienes ambientales y sociales. Para ello se ha encuestado a una muestra representative de explotaciones en el sur de Palencia, obteniendo informacion sovre sus variables estructurales y su capacidad para acometer cambios en sus cultivos o practicas de gestion que promuevan una mayor produccion de bienes publicos.  Los resultados obtenidos permiten detectar la influencia de variables estructurales sobre el desarrollo de la multifuncionalidad en este ecosistema, identificar grupos homogeneos de explotaciones y discutir el potencial de distintas medidas de politica agraria que maximicen la oferta de multifuncionalidad...European agriculture is viewed more oftenly as a provider of multiple goods and services, many of which are not related to food and fiber production.  From the supply side, this change creates a challenge to agricultural holdings, traditionally managed to achieve productive and efficiency goals.  The objective of this paper is to discover the capacity of agricultural activity to adapt itself to these new social demands for environmental and social goods and services.  A survey has been delivered to a representative sample of agricultural holdings in Southern Palencia, a marginal area in Spain.  The survey provided data on first, structural variables and second, on information, adaption and predisposition to introduce changes into their current management plans shifted towards a greater provision of public goods.  Different agricultural techniques and/or new crops as well as more general attitudes towards agricultural activity have been considered.  Responses to the new policy scenario faced after CAP-MTR have also been elicited.  Results presented are grouped in four main categories.  First we identify the current multifunctionality supply in the area, which is characterized by a low and highly subsidized agricultural output combined with a high participation rate in agri-environmental schemes and low labour demand but with full time residence in rural areas.  Secondly, the influence of structural variables on farmers' predisposition to adopt new management techniques is considered.  Younger farmers, with a higher level of education, with larger farms and living in rural areas are found to be the most prone to adopt these techniques.  Thirdly, a cluster analysis has been carried out to identify groups of homogenous farmers and see whether tailored policies could be addressed to them.  The main result found is that the differences generating homogenous groups of dry land farmers are related to farmer's socio demographic variables while for irrigation farmers differences stem from their holding characteristics.  Last, we discuss the effects of CAP MTR on agricultural holdings' management plans.  Massive land abandonment can be disregarded and more proactive changes seem to be most accepted.  nevertheless, market constraints, with an excess of agricultural services supply and a lack of land supply, can create distortions that may lead to a non efficient allocation of factors.
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000166758 6531_ $$aPolitica agraria
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000166758 6531_ $$aCastilla y Leon
000166758 700__ $$aAtance Muniz, Ignacio
000166758 700__ $$aGomez-Limon Rodriguez, Jose A.
000166758 700__ $$aBarreiro-Hurlé, Jesús
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