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000165730 520__ $$aAgricultural value chains can be understood as the systems of people, organizations and
activities needed to create process and deliver agricultural products from producers to
consumers. Over time and due to huge changes that have happened in the surroundings,
agricultural value chains have become very integrated and complex. Small farmers can
prosper by joining in modern higher-level agricultural value chains, but there are numerous
obstacles, as well. The work presents the typology of organizational models for agricultural
production that consists of the models organised by producers, agribusiness companies
(processors, retail chains, and intermediaries), facilitators (governments, non-governmental
organisations) and completely integrated models, established by some big companies. None
of these models provides ideal solutions from the perspective of small producers. However,
they say that the institutions, such as cooperatives and small farmers’ organisations, present
important mechanisms for including small producers in modern value chains and realizing the
cooperation with agribusiness companies and other important players. This is also important
for decision-makers and governmental bodies that should create a suitable environment and
provide support so that small farmers and their organisations can integrate in modern value
chains in a successful way.
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