Besides it represents a support to sustainable development, organic agriculture represents also a driving force of rural development for sixty years, especially in marginal areas. As it bases on the principles of natural resources' sustainable use, protects the population health and leads to an economic strengthening of rural areas, the organic agriculture can be successfully related to rural areas' sustainable development concept, which was the goal of the paper. The paper was structured in three parts. In the first part was discussed on the sustainable development concept, from the aspect of sustainable agro-rural development catalyst. In the second part of the paper was pointed out to the concept of agrarian policy in the European Union, which was having a mutual effect on pressing forward the organic production and sustainable development during last years. Then was given a review of the structure in the Republic of Serbia, through it came to a conclusion that our country did not have satisfying rural economy, while the economic structure depended a lot from the primary sector, which has been still based on the primary resources' exploitation and high rate of poor rural population. In the third part of the paper was given the analysis of areas under the organic production in the world, and then was presented a proportion of these areas in some countries of the European Union, and finally was given the review of the state in the Republic of Serbia. As the conclusion imposes a fact that, in Serbia, cannot be expected yet more intensive increase of the organic production, although we dispose with significant natural resources, while the limits of its serious implementation are present on several levels, mentioned in this paper. However, joining the European Union would provide the conditions for activating the existing capacities and development of rural areas, based on sustainability principle.


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