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Farms in Poland Before and After the EU Accession. The Competitiveness of Lithuanian Farms in the EU. Prospects of the Slovakian Farm Sector under the CAP. Farm structure in the Czech Republic – Today and Tomorrow. Structural Changes and Measures for Improvement of Effectiveness and Economic Efficiency of Slovenian Farms. The Influence of Accession to the EU on Latvia’s Agriculture. Transformation of Agricultural Holdings – with Question Marks. The Dynamics of Farms in Romania – Factors of Influence, Economic Implications and Perspectives. Structural changes in agricultural farms in the EU CAP conditions. Problems and Trends in the Development of Agriculture in Russia. Farms of Belarus: Modern Conditions and Development Prospects. Transformation of agricultural sector in Belarus. Dynamics and Development Prospects of Ukrainian Farms. Problems of the improvement of competitiveness of Serbian Agriculture. Austrian Agriculture in the Context of the Common Agricultural Policy and EU Enlargement. Comparison of the Finnish and Baltic Dairy Sectors. Liberalisation of Agricultural Trade within the WTO: A Challenge for European Agriculture. “Common Agricultural Policy after 2013 – expectations, suggestions, proposals” – the opinions of participants of the discussion in Białowieża, 6 June 2008.


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