Global challenges and the future of the CAP. The CAP from a global agriculture perspective. The CAP after 2013: an assessment of the Commission’s proposals for changing Pillar I. Price Volatility and Price Risk in the Agro-food Markets and the Future Development of the Common Agricultural Policy. Is the Common Agricultural Policy still common? Effects of reallocation of direct payments to Member States. CAP 2014-2020: an impact assessment of the proposed direct payment scheme in Hungary. RDP 2014-2020 and the development of Polish food economy. Lessons from the mid-term evaluation of the Austrian Rural Development Programme. Impact of the CAP reform to the pre-accsession countries – example of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Financial considerations of competitiveness in agriculture. Respect for the environment and animal welfare versus economic results in agriculture. Impact of EU CAP on the Bulgaria’s agricultural sector development: expert and statistic approach. Impact of the abolition of the milk quotas and changes in the milk market regulations on the development perspectives for the Polish dairy industry. Development and prospects of field vegetable production. Food security in the context of the CAP.


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