Agricultural policy in relation to economic and social competitiveness. Competitiveness and progress in polish agriculture and mid-term forecast. Development trends and competitiveness of Polish food industry. Impact of CAP instruments on Polish agro-food economy. The CAP financing in 2014-2020. Consequences for Poland. Methodological tools for price transmission studies: an application to the Spanish lamb sector. Performance of the time series models in forecasting agricultural commodity prices. Example of wheat prices in Poland. Production costs as a determinant of worldwide competitiveness of cereal producers. Priorities of Bulgarian agricultural as a factor for competitiveness of agri-food sector. Ukrainian agriculture and its prospects in European and World markets. Romanian agriculture performance under three restrictions: property, family and market. Sector-specific factors affecting employment in rural areas in the European Union. The role of social capital in the regional development. The case of Vysocina Region. Innovative development as a basis for the competitiveness of the agricultural sector. The agricultural social insurance system in France.


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