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Conditions of the development and global challenges for the agri-food sector in Poland. The main direction of the Romanian agricultural sector evolution following the EU integration. The Common Agricultural Policy in the function of organic production development in EU. The assessment of EU Fruit and Vegetable Common Market Organisation. Economic position and competitiveness of the Czech agriculture and food industry under the EU Common Agricultural Policy and on the EU single market. Population farms in the context of Food Security of Belarus. Competitiveness of Lithuanian farms and their agriculture production from present to medium-term perspectives. Issues of Agri-food Sector Development in Latvia. The Green Paper as a tool for Rural Policy formation: Lithuania’s experience. Strategic priorities for food industry of Ukraine in the context of food security. Large property under the impact of land market and Common Agricultural Policy in Romania. Competitiveness of the food economy in Hungary after the EU-accession. CAP Impact on Bulgarian Agri-food Sector. The possibilites of European Union Food Sector Expansion in Georgia (problems, perspectives).


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