In this paper, I take up the following nine points: 1)The Japanese policy of agricultural protection should be converted from market price support to direct payment. 2)The border protection policy provided by the high tariff rate for rice should be converted per the WTO Doha round in order to decrease the quota on imported rice. 3)Production adjustment should be allowed to be made based on an individual farmer's management. 4)A market environment which reflects rice supply and demand trends should be created. 5)An environments should be maintained which allows for the creation of a competitive rice production structure sensitive to market signals. 6)We should construct a competitive business model for large-scale diversified rice farms. 7)We should construct a rural social system that values large-scale diversified farms. 8)Various suggestions have been made concerning production adjustment and the abolish of the production adjustment policy. 9)The direct payment policy of the JDP (Japan Democratic Party) is discussed.


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