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Amenities at recreation sites are important not only to maintain healthy life of recreation sites, but also to provide visitors greater inspiration to visit these sites. Hence, people place importance on site amenities, based on the activities they participated in. Using freshwater-based recreation data from a national survey and employing spectral analysis and rank ordered logit model, we found that closeness and size were the two most important qualities. Further, we found that recreationalist boaters were more likely to place importance on closeness; swimmers, recreationalist boaters, and picnickers were more likely to place importance on water-quality; and recreationalist fishermen and bird/nature viewers were more likely to place importance on wildlife, while participating in freshwater-based recreations. Freshwater recreation managers may benefit from the findings as our results offer guidance in understanding what kind of attributes to manage as well as improve to meet the needs of various types of user groups.


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