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Saline alkali soil can cause physiological drought on crops, so only some salinity tolerant crops can grow in saline alkali soil. Biochar can increase the utilize efficiency of nutrient and the water retention of the soil, and affect the growth of the plant. In this research, four different proportion of biochar was added in five different levels of saline-alkali soil for pot culture experiment. The pH of the soil increases as the proportion of biochar increase in same saline-alkali level soil, while the EC decrease as the proportion of biochar increase. The germination rate of wheat seeds varies as the different of soil's saline-alkali level. Notable among these results is the germination of wheat seeds in the serious saline-alkali soil without biochar added is 0, while in 45% biochar added in serious saline-alkali soil, the germination rate get to as high as 48.9%. Also, biochar improve the growth of wheat seedling, while for mild saline alkali soil and normal soil. Biochar had no obvious effect on the growth of wheat seedling.


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