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To undertake the transfer of industry to promote the industry and its optimization of land use configuration as the research background, a typical provincial boundary region in Chuzhou City of eastern Anhui region was selected as an example from as two perspectives of resource constraint and development guidance. Land development suitability evaluation index system was constructed by using GIS spatial data mining, analysis, output display and other functions, panel data with 90 x 17 were formatted. multi-factor comprehensive evaluation method and logic quadrant model were used to complete the Chuzhou domain land development suitability evaluation, and the differentiated land use zoning countermeasures were proposed. The results show that priority development region covering the county area adjacent to town and surrounding area is the regional socio-economic development of better concentrated area; reserve development region focus on most of Tianchang, north Mingguang, south Quanjiao and other regions, other areas of sporadic distribution; restricted development area mainly distributed in Dingyuan and Fengyang plain area,as well as hilly area at the junction, and of Mingguang and Lai'an; coordinately development of region is the only district and the surrounding township, as well as towns including Dingcheng, Louqiang and Liuzhen.


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