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Lin’an City has a long history of growing, processing and selling Carya Cathayensis, a traditional special local product for which the city is well known. In recent years, Lin’an Carya Cathayensis gives full play to the industry cluster advantages and gains the reputation of “regional name brand of Zhejiang”. However, it faces the predicament of regional brand operation, so industry transformation and upgrading as well as intensive farming for this brand are inevitable and necessary. This paper analyzes the current regional brand operation mode of Carya Cathayensis in Lin’an to find out that the growth of this brand is constrained by messy business entities, weak brand protection effect, significant lemon market effect, insufficient industry association efforts and wanting brand culture construction, thus it puts forward the conception of a business alliance based regional brand operation mode for the Carya Cathayensis in Lin’an. The results of this study shall provide theoretical guidance and empirical basis for the marketing practice of the regional brand of Carya Cathayensis in Lin’an.


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