As a developed province in China, Jiangsu Province is competitive in the livestock and poultry production industry. With the development and growing intensity of livestock and poultry industry, animal pollution has become the major source of panel agricultural pollution. This paper studied the characteristics of livestock and poultry industry in Jiangsu Province: large amount of livestock poultry, imbalanced development of livestock and regional differences, large pollution, large amount of pollution emission, uneven distribution of livestock and great pressure on reducing pollution. Besides, the ways to deal with pollution in Jiangsu Province were analyzed: fertilizer accumulation, biogas process technology, animal stools disposal center, ferment bed technology, and comprehensive disposal technology. Governments’ policies on pollution reduction were expounded. In the end, several suggestions were put forward, such as strengthening management, innovating treatment, intensifying governments’ responsibility, enlarging financial input and creating favorable atmosphere to protect environment.


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