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000160588 245__ $$aAjustamentos nas agroindústrias de biscoitos e  massas alimentícias no Brasil, 1995 a 2001
000160588 260__ $$c2006-03-30
000160588 269__ $$a2006-03-30
000160588 270__ $$msilviofj@hotmail.com$$pFerreira Júnior,   Sílvio
000160588 270__ $$mmfmgomes@ufv.br$$pGomes,   Marília Fernandes Maciel
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000160588 336__ $$aJournal Article
000160588 490__ $$aVolume 44
000160588 490__ $$aNumber 1
000160588 520__ $$aThe present work aimed to evaluate the adjustments occurred 
in the food sector of biscuit and pastry in Brazil, from 1995 to 2001, using the Structure-Conduct-Performance model of the Industrial Organization 
theory. The results demonstrated that the new competitive environment, 
started by the non-regulation in the sector and by the commercial openness, 
allowed tougher competition and restrained the market power of the major 
industries.  Both segments had to adjust themselves to the demands of 
the consumer in the market by improving the quality of their products, 
furnishing a wider variety and reducing their costs. The whole process was 
led by the major industries, which invested in technology and productive 
capacity and, continually, increased their participation in the market. 
Therefore, as a result of these adjustments, there has been an improvement 
in the economic performance and a greater benefi t for society.
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000160588 700__ $$aFerreira Júnior, Sílvio
000160588 700__ $$aGomes, Marília Fernandes Maciel
000160588 773__ $$dMarch 2006$$jVolume 44$$kNumber 1$$o98$$q79$$tBrazilian Journal of Rural Economy and Sociology (Revista de Economia e Sociologia Rural-RESR)
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