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The present work aims to analyze the changes in the insti-tutional environments, European and National, due to European con-sumers’ requirements regarding the quality of products, about the Na-tional Beef Agro-Industrial System. The results indicate that despite the rise on requirements from European consumers, which has changed the institutional environment of the block, with consequent changes in the Brazilian institutional environment, there has been little impact on the governing procedures of transactions of SAG of domestic beef. Regarding the relationship between beef export slaughterhouse industry and beef suppliers, it was verified that there are no establishments of agreements for the transactions, that this fact can be explained through the creation of reliable commitments between the parts, as for the paying and deli-very of cattle, and also by the lack of enforcement on traceability on the part of the European Union and the Brazilian government (which reduce the peculiarity of the assets of the raw material). As for the relationship between the slaughterhouse and its consumers of the domestic market, a reliable commitment prevails between the two parties, being the transac-tions conducted through the market. Regarding the relationship between the export slaughterhouse and the European market, the rise on the pe-culiarity of assets leads to the establishment of agreements as a way to reduce the costs of transactions.


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