At the township level, combining Voronoi diagram and breaking point theory, this paper divides township grade system and its scope of influence in Dafang County of Guizhou Province, and discusses the grade system from small scale perspective. Results show that Dafang County takes Dafang Town as the center, Dashi Town in the north and Shachang Township in the east as auxiliary part, Sanyuan Township, Zhuyuan Township, Babao Township, Pudi Township, Lihua Township, and Dingxin Township as cooperative part, to drive development of 36 townships in Dafang County. Thus, it basically reflects township grade of Dafang County, accords with current development situation, provides certain reference value for system planning and economic zoning of small scale regions, and it is able to improve the accuracy of scope division by completing attribute data and revision of many methods.


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