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Agricultural production is going on at the signifi cant part of the total area of Hungary, thus it is understandable that nature conservation activity is dependent on the cooperation with agriculture. The cooperation of these two activities is extremely important in the case of protected grasslands. On one hand because from a nature conservation point of view, the grassland management systems own the biggest importance of the inland agricultural systems in Hungary and on the other hand because in the conservation of these areas grazing animal husbandry could hold a determinative role. Being aware of the importance of the harmonization of these two areas, I would like to emphasize the common interests of these mutually dependent activities and promote the bilateral cooperation. My main research aim was to create a grass production model for a protected pasture which model could serve as a tool for determining animal carrying capacity. Although the prepared grass model requires further validation, methodical grazing upon strict regulation could be suggested. My grassland management suggestions satisfy predominantly nature conservation objectives but do not neglect the rural and regional development aspects. According to my suggestions over and also under grazing of the examined pasture could be avoided what is very important in the conservation of the signifi cant plant and animal species attached to this habitat. Besides, I also would like to promote local farmers in planning their activity, to get the proper number of grazing animals that could be kept on the exact protected grassland year by year.


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