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This paper introduces the characteristics of the agricultural high-tech industries, and points out that the agricultural high-tech industries are intelligence-intensive and knowledge-intensive industries with the characteristics of high investment, high risk, high value-added, which focuses on constant innovation, having strong horizontal and vertical linkages with other enterprises and showing the trend of internationalization. The connotation of agricultural high-tech industrialization is analyzed as follows: Agricultural high-tech industrialization is the process of transformation of the agricultural high-tech achievements to the agricultural high-tech industries; essentially the marketization and commercialization of agricultural high technology; the manifestation of scale and level of agricultural high-tech industries; the manifestation of social impact, social status and social role of agricultural high-tech industries. The development strategies are put forward for agricultural high-tech industrialization: (1) Bringing the research of agricultural high technology into the orbit of the market economy; (2) Implementing the new mechanism to closely link agricultural high technology with modern rural enterprises; (3) Building the agricultural high-tech team with a larger size and high level; (4) Further improving the construction of the agricultural high-tech industrial development zone; (5) Solving the issues concerning agricultural intellectual property and patent; (6) Increasing policy guidance and support efforts for agricultural high-tech industries.


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