The existing performance salary system has several grades in the same job title. When the number of workers qualified for promotion is more than the target, quantitative grading is usually adopted to determine salary promotion personnel. Scientific, fair and reasonable grading content and standard directly concern income and remuneration of scientific researchers, and also concern recognition and respect degree of contribution made by scientific researchers. Therefore, quantitative grading standard is of the utmost importance to keeping stability, arousing enthusiasm and creativity of scientific researchers, and promoting smooth development of scientific research. Achievements awarded, papers published and project research can reflect scientific research level, ability and working performance of agricultural scientific researchers. This paper takes these three items as examples, analyzes, discusses and compares the establishment and evaluation of quantitative grading standard. It states that “one yardstick” and “one vote veto system” should be adhered to when evaluating using the quantitative grading standard. It is expected to provide reference for organizations of the same trade in establishing quantitative grading standard and conducting evaluation.


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