"Strengthening the Applied Research Base for Rural Development Action Programs," by Greg Taylor, Colien Hefferan, and John E. Lee; "Relevance of SAEA to Extension: Is the SAEA Any Longer Relevant to the South?" by Harold M. Harris, Gary F. Fairchild, Tom Johnson, Eduardo Segarra, and Josef M. Broder; "Analyzing Supply Response Under the 1996 Farm Act," by Gary Adams, Andrew Washington, William Lin, Mike Dicks, Mack Leath, and Linwood Hoffman; "Sustaining Rural Communities," by William Amponsah, William Edmondson, John Ikerd, and Surendra Singh; "Using IMPLAN to Measure the Impact of Agriculture on a State's Economy," by David Hughes, Mark Henry, and Gerald Schluter; "USDA National Research Initiative (NRI) Competitive Grants Workshop on Markets, Trade, and Rural Development," Session I by Mark Bailey and David Holder, Session II by James Seale, Patricia Duffy, Mary Marchant, Gail Cramer, Won Koo, Kim Jensen, and Dale Colyer; "Implications of Federal Milk Marketing Order Reform for the South," by Ronald D. Knutson, Albert Ortega, Harold M. Harris, and Frank Johns; "Measuring Consumers' Judgment: A Pragmatic Approach Involving Ecotourism Analysis," by Evan Mercer, Alton Thompson, Donald McDowell, George Flemming, Adesoji Adelaja, Antohny Yeboah, and Edumnd Tavernier.


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