U.S. annual per capita use of cabbage is higher than per capita use of any other cruciferous vegetable, including broccoli, cauliflower, kale, brussels sprouts. and turnip-so In 1993. per capita use was 9.5 pounds. 88 percent of which was marketed in fresh form. Per capita use has changed only slightly since 1970. when it was 11.2 pounds per person. 79 percent of which was marketed in fresh form. This bulletin provides detailed statistics on cabbage for the United States and individual cabbage-producing States for 1960-93. Acreage. yield. production. and value are presented by State. Data are categorized by fresh cabbage and cabbage grown for sauerkraut production. Additional statistical series. such as prices. price indexes. price spreads. shipments. exports. imports. world production and harvested acreage. and costs of production are included.


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