This publication presents final acreage, yield, and production estimates for potatoes and sweet potatoes by States and U. S. for 1987-92. Some estimates have been revised slightly since they last appeared in Agricultural Statistics Board releases. Estimates contained in this publication provide a historic record and a benchmark for current estimates. Estimates were originally published during 1988-93 in periodic Agricultural Statistics Board releases. Some estimates have been revised following review of original data and data which became available later. Other series of data considered were United States Department of Agriculture shipment and unload records, export data, and quantities processed data. Price estimates represent average returns to growers for all uses and for all methods of sale. These prices are applied to total production to compute value of production and to the quantity sold to compute value of sales. Some unsold quantities contribute to the value of production; including farm use for seed, feed, home use, and loss, The United States season average price is obtained by weighting State and seasonal prices by quantities sold.


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