This report presents State-level peai1ut production cost and return estimates for the 1991 production year obtained from the USDA's Farm Costs and Returns Survey, along with coefficients of variation for each cost item. Per-acre costs are highly variable among States due to differences in climate, variety grown, production practices, and inputs used in peanut production. Total per-acre economic costs ranged from $637 in Florida to $925 in Virginia. Peanut yields varied significantly, from about 1,800 pounds in Oklahoma to over 3,300 pounds per planted acre in Virginia. Methods used to develop the State-level production costs and returns for 1991 are the same as those used to develop regional and U.S. weighted averages published in the Economic Indicators of the Farm Sector: Costs of Production, 1992--Major Field Crops & Livestock and Dairy. State-level estimates should be used for general discussion only, because statistical reliability diminishes for estimates below the regional and U.S. level due to sample size. Coefficients of variation included in this report are an indicator of the statistical reliability of each estimate.


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