Sultana is among the most important products in Turkish economy in terms of being a principal export crop and many producers’ occupations. Although sultana’s share in export is high, Turkey aims having a sustainable place in the international competition. In this framework; common attitude of all the actors and institutions in the sector towards attaining competitive advantages are required both in national and international markets. A sustainable competition power calls for paying a special attention to producer preferences. It is of importance to reveal and analyze that sultana producers’ preferred market and particularly the reasons for those preferences. This study deals with analyzing tendencies of the conventional and organic sultana producers to supply their products to domestic and international markets with respect to some alternatives such as high price, guaranteed payment and marketing easily by means of Analytical Hierarchy Process. Data of the study was gathered from randomly chosen 300 sultana producers in Manisa where sultana production is very widespread. Scores from Analytical Hierarchy Process are analyzed by Tobit for doing a deeper analysis of the producer preferences.


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