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With industrialization and urbanization quickening in China, new generation migrant workers have already become the important part of industrial workers, and they also will become the most important part of new citizens in city. However, they encounter many difficulties in the process of obtaining employment, settling down and urbanization. New generation migrant workers lack occupational stability and they change their occupations in city frequently. If mass of them are only in horizontal mobility, their urbanization will be hard to realize. Employment information is a basic resource to obtain jobs in the labor market. Information acquisition directly influences the employment of new generation of migrant workers. Based on structural equation model (SEM) this paper reveal the interactive relationship between information acquisition, occupational mobility and urbanization of new generation migrant workers. The result indicate that:(1) new generation migrant workers with frequent occupational mobility and upward mobility are more likely to achieve urbanization, at the same time, more information demand, information access and high information acquisition methods improve their urbanization by promoting the occupational mobility.(2)With the strong information acquisition ability, the new generation migrant workers achieve upward mobility.(3)The upward mobility enhance the information demand and method of new generation migrant workers.


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