The kiwifruit industry is one of the dominant agricultural industries in Sichuan province.A kiwifruit industrial zone with Cangxi county,Dujiangyan city,Shifang city,Pengzhou city,Pujiang county,Qionglai city and Dayi county as the core;An county,Beichuan county,Ya’an city,Wenchuan county et radiation zone has been developed during the last 30 years.The kiwifruit cultivation area has reached to 2.97×104 hm2 with an annual fresh kiwifruit output of 1.3×105 t;and the production value was nearly 110 million RMB in 2011.The production acreage and yield ranked the second over the country.Advice and ideas were proposed based on the circumstance and problems of kiwifruit industry in Sichuan.According to the advantages of developing kiwifruit industry in Sichuan, measures including strengthening scientific and reasonable planning, optimizing industrial layout,speeding up the breeding,adjusting product structure, standardizing demonstration garden,integrating and innovating the key technology, setting up research alliances,and fostering the leading enterprises were put forward.


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