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This paper deals with an examination of the selected time series and an examination of price transmission in the selected agri-food chain. The analysis is connected with the working question of whether the selection of time series influences the results of price transmission. The analysis is focused on the pork agri-food chain in the Czech Republic; the time series of farm-gate price, wholesale price and consumer price is examined. First of all, the main properties of the selected time series are examined; subsequently, price transmissions based on time series of different frequency and in different periods are analyzed. The price transmission analysis is based on multivariate time series analysis; to be precise, the Vector error correction model and co-integration analysis are employed. The analysis shows that the choice of time series of different frequency should not significantly influence the results of price transmission, whereas the choice of time period might be crucial. The results presented in this paper are outputs of the research project “P402/11/P591 Modelling of price transmission and its asymmetry in agri-food chain – theoretical-empirical implications” supported by Czech Science Foundation.


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