Land eco-sensitivity assessment is an important method in analyzing regional eco-environmental safety. This article is based on the studies of land use and coverage change (LUCC) with the interpretation result from Landsat images. It analyzes the land use degree of Shangluo City and gives the land eco-sensitivity classification, which include soil and water conservation, disaster prevention and eco-environmental protection. Then an improved classification model is taken through the gray model and the variation coefficient. By comparing sensitivity in each level of land use degree change, the ecological recovery mode in study area is analyzed. The results show: the land use degree in Shangluo City has been declining from 1990 to 2009, with large area converted form cropland to forest, environment becomes better; the sensitivities of zoning based on the index level shows the medium sensitive area was largest. According to the variation coefficient gives the more reasonable proportion, the zoning was improved based on uncertainties. Because of the least amount of land use degradation area was taken in high sensitive region, it is considered that the ecological construction model in study area was still worth discussing. The healthy ecological development mode is proposed that low sensitive region should be protected while high sensitive region should receive high attention, so as to further improve the regional ecological security and improve the living environment efficiently.


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