In the state of Sonora, as a result of investigation, you can identify the bush chiltepín as a crucial element of the culture of the people, giving different uses both culinary and medicinal and spiritual, is also important to mention that there been one of its main sources of income is represented by the marketing of agricultural products. Currently, the only given chiltepín wild in parts of southern, central, and eastern mountain area of ?Sonora. It grows on the banks of streams and along ravines in the desert scrub, thorn scrub, tropical deciduous forest, and oak. Because of this, there is no specific control on the production of this shrub, as collectors, just go to areas where the plant and cut by 50% or even full, and then market their fruit this can result in decreased production to disappear. At present, agricultural products represent a potential source of income for rural communities and therefore a significant sustainable development in the regions. However, this research sought to emphasize the culture of the inhabitants of a region and thus to design marketing strategies for specific products, for economic development in rural areas. It shall be general purpose, identify key issues of managing chiltepín in the mountainous region of Sonora, and design strategies that transform the meaning of this activity making it sustainable and more profitable for those developing. In the framework details the marketing strategies that are implemented for the development of products made from chiltepín, as well as a description of the 4p's of marketing. The realization of this project is a potentially successful investment, because chiltepín enter a niche market, not only launched a new product to market but also contribute to the sustainable development of the mountainous region, and also be able to maintain a control over this coveted bush and survival.


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