Given the short supply of text, that applying marketing concepts to the Agribusiness area, showing how to spot business opportunities, it is presented a proposal on how to support students in these areas. The instruction given to students includes market-related concepts, from which they are proposed and are advised, to start from consumers' needs, generate ideas and assess them; which is adequate if those needs are known. Probably, those who have experience, can previously spot business opportunities, and even, they can assess its success degree, nevertheless, convey such experience to students (or to producers) is very complex. To achieve that, three sources of ideas are proposed, unsatisfied needs, due to either increased demand or restricted productions; solving the so-called negative externalities due to business activities; and detecting silent needs, which are those that despite be need, people don't know or don't realize they need, leading to more innovative ideas, difficult to copy, and therefore to greater differentiation.


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