With the aid of the Traditional Chinese Medicine Geographic Information System (TCMGIS-I), on the basis of planting base of Yu Salvia miltiorrhiza in Fangcheng County of Henan Province, we selected key ecological factors such as the temperature, altitude, soil type, and precipitation that affect growth of Yu Salvia miltiorrhiza, and analyzed ecological suitability of Yu Salvia miltiorrhiza in China and in Henan Province. Results show that Yu Salvia miltiorrhiza has large suitable area in China, up to 10 provinces. At the similitude degree of 90% to 100%, its suitable distribution area can reach 309 205 km2 theoretically. Among the suitable areas, the distribution area is large in Sichuan, Shaanxi, Jiangsu, Hubei and Henan provinces, each of which up to 24 000 km2. At the similitude degree of 80% to 90%, the suitable areas of Yu Salvia miltiorrhiza are mainly in Fangcheng, Xichuan, Dengzhou, Xinyang and Nanzhao counties, which are consistent with record of relevant data.


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