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Ginkgo biloba L. is a rare species endemic to China, strengthening the study of Ginkgo culture is of great significance to eco-economic development. This paper uses the historical research methods to study the Ginkgo and its cultural development process in China. According to the characteristics of the development of Ginkgo culture, the process can be divided into three stages: Shang and Zhou Dynasties to the Northern and Southern Dynasties (which is named theological era), Sui and Tang Dynasties to early Qing Dynasty (which is named the literature era), and the modern China which is named the scientific era. The history of Ginkgo culture is a history of Ginkgo being gradually recognized, and the Ginkgo culture’s connotation and extension are gradually deepened and developed. The construction of Ginkgo today’s culture should be in the inheritance of historical culture, and combined with the needs of the times comprehensive innovation, take the science and human harmonious development road.


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