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Triticale production on acid soils requires significant investments in repairing bad qualities of those soils and it raises the question about the profitability of triticale growing. The aim of our study was to determine the yield of triticale on acid soil depending on the dose and type of applied fertilizer, as well as economic feasibility of the application of fertilizers in the production of triticale on the acid soils. The experiment was performed at the Centre for Agricultural and Technological Research in Zaječar, during 2009-10 years. It was a set-by-bloc system with three repetition and included the control of three variants of fertilization, which were included in mineral (variant I and II) and a combination of mineral, lime and organic fertilizers (variant III). The survey results show a significant effect of fertilizers on grain yield increase of triticale, especially the combination of mineral, lime and organic fertilizers. The highest value of production, as well as the largest variable costs, is recorded in the III variant of fertilization. The highest profit was gained in the II variant of fertilizer. The most favourable indicators’ values of economic efficiency (productivity, efficiency and profitability) were recorded in II variant of fertilization. The most economical is to organize the triticale production on acid soils using the fertilizers with the increased dose of phosphorous (II variant).


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