We conduct a field survey of the status quo of planting and industrial development of Poria cocos in Luotian County. The results show that at present, Luotian County develops a set of standardized Poria cocos cultivation technique, and some areas use the guideline of "four changes" to plants Poria cocos. The main problems faced by planting of Poria cocos currently are as follows: insufficient popularization of standardized Poria cocos cultivation technique; low processing level of Poria cocos; chaotic source of germplasm; lack of science and technology input; single industrial development pattern; shortage of well-known brands of products. In accordance with the above findings, we put forward the following recommendations: extensively promoting the guideline of " four changes"; focusing on development and utilization of Poria cocos byproducts; implement listing-for-sales to clarify the source of Poria cocos strain; tightening the bonds with research institutes and large enterprises to promote science and technology input into Poria cocos; encouraging the coexistence of diverse industrial development pattern.


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